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Ovoidal nuclear fusion reactor

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Revolution - nuclear fusion of FTL particles.

The behavior of an electric field of superluminaly fast particles

We have already stated above( In the article „Superluminal conical and paraboloidal particle accelerators“) that velocity of light, c is not the speed, or property of lihgt itself, but rather the property of a medium which transfers electromagnetic impulses. As we stated in the mentioned article, velocity c is, a TRANSFERNCE CONSTANT of vacuum or "pure space“. This statement is an assumption which are the most important prerequisite for understanding a behavior of hypothetical superluminally fast, electrically charged particles (ECP).

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Conical and paraboloidal superluminal particle accelerators

New updated article (January 20th, 2009)

In the my previous work: “How the velocity of light can be exceeded”, I have shown that light is not a special // separate (or positive) physical entity and that velocity of light, c, is not the property of light itself but is, in fact, a vacuum or space transference constant - the ability or property of vacuum // space to transfer electromagnetic impulses at precisely that and only at that speed.

Using the existing methods and accelerators I have also shown that it was not possible to accelerate the particles to a speed exceeding the velocity of light, c, in other words, that this is not possible, not due to the increase the particle mass, m, but because the acceleratory effect of force F, which affects the particle - and which is transferred exclusively at the velocity of light, c, - falls towards zero when at the velocity of the particle v that is close to the velocity of light c.

This is the result one arrives at from further developing Einstein's key equation of the Special theory of relativity - equation related to this subject-matter.

Superluminal particle accelerator, download white paper

Antigravity and gravifugal levitation, introduction

What is antigravitation?

Expressed in the simplest of terms, it should be some kind of force which would oppose gravitation, annul it and make possible the levitation of bodies.
For physicists, antigravitation is a nonsense, since no such mass exists which could repel another mass, prevent the spread of gravitation or, like Verne's Cavorite, isolate a body from its influence. According to understanding available to date, this cannot be achieved – either by way of anti-matter or by some field.
For SF writers antigravitation and levitation are very desirable, but also so fantastic that their achievement and use by man are regarded as impossible, that even authors of this field are not too keen to write about those things, and they rarely do so.
For various “inventors” antigravitation is, just as it is for constructors of a perpetuamobile, a possibility of achieving fame by constructing some kind of anti-gravitational flying craft.

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